Playboy's Best (American) Beers Made with Every Fruit

Hudson Valley's Brewery's, Soleil was recently including in Playboy's round-up of the best American beers made with fruit. The blend is re-fermented with pineapple, and dry-hopped with rose petals, marigold flowers, and cornflowers. Soleil is a sour, fruit-forward barrel-aged beer. Sign-up for news to receive updates about exclusive first releases of Soleil.


"No one likes a pretentious list full of purportedly amazing beers that you can only try at the top of Mount Everest, but sometimes you come across a beer so awesome you can’t help but spread the word: Soleil from New York’s newly established Hudson Valley Brewery is the best beer I’ve tried in 2016—a unique “mixed culture fermentation” sour brewed with pineapples and dry-hopped with marigolds and rose petals. As satire-ready as it sounds, this beer miraculously delivers in both the fruit and the flower department. Go find it! "


-Michael Pomranz,


Marisa LomonacoComment