Building the Brewery - The Equipment Delivery

Just as the sealant dried on our new brewery floor, we welcomed 3 trailer-bed trucks full of equipment into our parking lot. These beautiful tanks have made a long journey from SK Manufacturing in Slovenia, but after about a month crossing the ocean, they all arrived in one piece.

This was by far our most exciting day in the brewery, but, since we decided against hiring a professional rigging company to unload the equipment, it was also one of the more nerve-wracking. But with the help of a few expert friends and a little extra machinery, we were able to successfully unload our shiny, new 30-barrel brewhouse.

Our brewhouse is a 2-vessel system from Prospero Equipment in Pleasantville, New York. Not only do we love these bright beasts of metal, but we were also lucky enough to work with a brewery manufacturer that deals in wine making equipment. So in addition to the beautiful brewery, we received two 2,000L (a little over 500 gallon) oak foedres, and twenty 500L (about 120 gallon) oak puncheons. Prospero had recently brought these over from Italy and each is full of some really pretty red wine aromatics.

In the next couple days we will stand all the tanks up and pipe them all together. In the next couple weeks, we’ll be running our water hookup, steam lines from our boiler, glycol lines from the chiller, and electric to power the system. Our first brewday feels like its right around the corner.

Dirk, Chuck, Jason , Michael, John-Anthony & Pops

Dirk, Chuck, Jason , Michael, John-Anthony & Pops

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