Entremet & Levain : A Collaboration with Bread Alone


Almost two years ago, we got together with our friends at Bread Alone Bakery in Kingston, NY to start working on Levain, a sourdough-inspired collaboration. This Friday, October 11th at 5pm we’ll be releasing Levain as well as Entrmet, a Pastry-Style Sour IPA.


They brought down close to 400 pounds of their Organic 9 Mixed Grain loaf, which we added directly to a mash full of local 2-row, raw red winter wheat, einkorn, raw oats, and flaked corn. Levain was fermented in our foudres with our house culture of wild yeasts and souring bacteria, and then aged in barrels for close to a year. While resting in barrels, Levain went through a long secondary fermentation with Bread Alone’s sourdough culture.


Bread Alone not only makes incredible bread, they also have a delightful and complex pastry program. To capture both sides, we will also be releasing Entremet, a Pastry-Style Sour IPA, brewed with cranberry and apple puree, heaps of brown sugar, white chocolate, and vanilla beans, and based off one of their most delicious fall treats.


We’ll also be baking off 100 loaves of sourdough bread with the team at Bread Alone for Friday’s release. This one of a kind loaf was leavened with yeast and bacteria from our foudres and will be the perfect accompaniment to Levain and Entremet.

Bread_Alone-9 (1)-Recovered.jpg
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