Traveling Barrel Program - Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Evan Watson, owner of Plan Bee and Michael over looking the brewhouse

This Saint Patrick’s Day we headed over to Plan Bee to brew the final installation of our traveling barrel program with Evan Watson. Evan pours a nearly-perfect pint of Guinness, and we spent the day drinking those and enjoying the beautiful scenery at his farmhouse. Somehow a beer got made that day.  

Evan and John Anthony adjust a hose clamp

It was another lambic-style wild ale, except we experimented with using some of our kettle-sour methods to help promote a more rapid and more acidic fermentation. After the beer was cooled in Evan’s coolship, we transferred it back to the kettle and held it around 100°F for 2 days before racking it into our last two red wine barrels.

Steam rises from the coolship

Our barrel's reflection in the metal of the coolship

We’re hoping the those temperatures help to encourage the wild bacteria over the wild yeast in Evan’s airborne inoculate, allowing for a beer that is more like a berlinerweisse than a lambic. The results have yet to be seen, but look forward to this release soon as well. 

We attracted a few curious onlookers

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