Traveling Barrel Program - An Introduction

A barrel aged beer, ready to taste

A barrel aged beer, ready to taste

It’s good to have friends. While we’re still a few weeks away from firing up our kettle and sending our first batch through the brewery, we’ve been lucky enough to get a head start on our barrel aging program thanks to some of our friends.

Our barrel program began back in October when our friends at Jamesport Vineyard on Long Island shipped us up some freshly dumped red wine barrels. They arrived smelling wonderful and after a quick fill with water to swell them up, we were ready to fill them. 


Over the next few months we will travel to a few of our friend's breweries with one or two of these barrels in the bed of Mike's truck. We will make a beer with them on their system, fill the barrels, and drive it back to Beacon to ferment.

Natalie FeistComment