The Discovery

Finding 7 East Main

For the past two decades, the graffiti'd, boarded-up brick building at 7 East Main Street in Beacon, NY has gone relatively unnoticed. Hiding in plain sight, covered in ivy and underneath large canopies of trees, it actually sits right off of Main Street, just down beyond the old train tracks in the town's popular East End. And it's been sitting there, witnessing all of the crazy changes in this town right alongside everyone else, patiently waiting to see if it might play a part.

In the early 2000's, it nearly lost its chance. Plans circulated that the building had been slated for demolition. Brand new townhomes would take its place. Then, for one reason or another, those plans were scrapped. 7 East Main breathed a small sigh of relief. A few extra branches stretched themselves out across the roof. And in the back, some boards fell off a window, letting in a little extra light.

Nearly a decade later, after three failed attempts to find the perfect home for Hudson Valley Brewery, we finally stumbled upon its beauty. And like some of the best discoveries in life, it had been there all along.

"The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."

-Arthur Koestler

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