The Silhouette Variations

Releasing this Saturday, July 13 at noon

We will begin to hand out wristbands at 8am. If you plan to arrive before this, it will be your responsibility to keep your place in line. At 8am, an HVB employee will go down the line and give a wristband out to each guest. Once you receive a wristband, you’re free to explore our beautiful city! If you arrive after 8am, please come to the front door to receive your wristband. If you choose to leave, please make sure that you return to the line at 1130am, sharp! Depending on how many people come by, we might have to lower the allotment after the first hundred people. We’ll be using different colored wristbands to make these allotment groups clear. Also, please do not remove your wristband! We will not be able to honor wristbands which have been ripped or removed.

For up to date information on allotments on the day of the release, check out our IG stories.

Photo of Peach Silhouette

Photo of Peach Silhouette

Peach Silhouette | 5%

Brunch Style Sour IPA w/ raw wheat & peaches; hopped w/ Citra & Mosaic.


Photo of Lemon-Lime Silhouette

Photo of Lemon-Lime Silhouette

Lemon-Lime Silhouette | 5%

Brunch Style Sour IPA w/ raw wheat, lemon & lime puree; hopped w/ Citra & Mosaic.

$20 six-pack / 1 case per person starting allotment.

Photo of Coffee & Cream Silhouette

Photo of Coffee & Cream Silhouette

Coffee & Cream Silhouette | 5%

Brunch Style Sour IPA w/ raw wheat, milk sugar, Sumatra coffee; hopped w/ Citra & Mosaic. The coffee selected for this variation is a wet-hulled (semi washed) Gayo Sakdan from Sumatra. This Indonesian method of post harvest treatment allows for a level of ambient yeast introduction in the drying phase before export. Our friend Alex Finkelstein of Big Mouth Coffee Roasters has been dialing in a development profile for roasting this particular lot that expresses flavors of dark chocolate, tobacco, toffee, cedar & malt.

$20 six-pack / 1 case per person starting allotment


Valley Beer Fall 2018 | 5%

Sour Farmhouse Ale brewed with 100% New York ingredients, fermented in our foudres w/ wild yeast & souring bacteria, and aged for one year in oak wine barrels.

$20 750ml bottle / 2 bottles per person starting allotment