At Hudson Valley Brewery, we are excited to work together again with the team at Blue Hill to launch this year’s batch of Hylozoa.


Two years ago, we began the process of culturing yeast from raw honey to produce a Sour Farmhouse Ale native to the Hudson Valley. From the start, we were surprised to see how faithfully the flavor & aroma of the honey was expressed by our newly collected microbes through the fermentation process. The liquid has been aging in oak wine barrels ever since, with those flavors developing over time.


Recently, we worked in collaboration with Andrew Luzmore, Blue Hill New York’s Market Forager, and Kyle Woehrle, a farmer at Roots, Shoots & Flowers, to pick Tangerine Marigolds. When we learned from Andrew that these flowers are often planted around the perimeter of the farm to attract pollinators, such as honey bees, we knew they’d be the perfect complement to the beer we brewed so long ago. Not only was there a natural affinity with our raw honey-based fermentation, but the bright citrus aromas of these flowers provided the finishing touch on this Sour Farmhouse Ale.


After 16 months maturing in oak and 3 months conditioning in the bottle, Hylozoa will be available this weekend in our tasting room.

Hudson-Valley-Hylozoa-1 (1) copy.jpg


A Sour Farmhouse developed in collaboration with the team at Blue Hill. It is fermented with microbes collected from raw honey, matured in oak wine barrels for 16 months, and conditioned on Tangerine Marigold flowers grown in the Hudson Valley.

500ml / $14 per bottle / 2 bottles per person

Available Saturday, September 29 at noon!


Marisa LomonacoComment