Hudson Valley Brewery Annual Tap Takeover @ Albany Ale & Oyster

We’re stoked to announce that on April 21st at The Albany Ale & Oyster House, we’ll be hosting the first annual Hudson Valley Brewery Tap Takeover.


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Traveling Barrel Program - Plan Bee Farm Brewery

This past Saint Patrick’s Day we headed over to Plan Bee to brew the final installation of our traveling barrel program with Evan Watson. Evan pours a nearly-perfect pint of Guinness, and we spent the day drinking those and enjoying the beautiful scenery at his farmhouse. Somehow a beer got made that day.


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Hudson Valley Brewery Featured in HV Magazine

“The correlation between movies and this is: You start with an idea, a script,” says Gargiulo, 40. “You build a team. You do a lot of pre-production. The shooting is intense. Then, you put it out there for people to enjoy. We have been working to get it ‘in the can,’ as they say in LA.”


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Traveling Barrel Program - Kent Falls

In February our brewer Michael took two barrels in the back of his truck to Conneticut to brew with Derek. The beer was inspired by Lambic tradition and used a long, complicated, “turbid” mash process with raw wheat and buckwheat, and aged farm-grown hops in a long boil. The beer was transferred out to the coolship and cooled overnight in the freezing winter air.

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Hopvine Bling Collaboration

In April we flew out to Denver to brew with our friend Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal. He is making beer at Crazy Mountain Brewery, which is equipped with a 50 bbl brewhouse and a range of (very large) fermenters. 




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Building the Brewery - The Equipment Delivery

Just as the sealant dried on our new brewery floor, we welcomed 3 trailer-bed trucks full of equipment into our parking lot. These beautiful tanks have made a long journey from SK Manufacturing in Slovenia, but after about a month crossing the ocean, they all arrived in one piece.


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7 East Main Street Progress Update

When we bought our building in August of last year, we inherited the fossils of all the projects the building had hosted before ours. Our brewery production floor was packed to the ceiling with lengths of old kitchen countertops, our barrel room was piled high with broken shower door glass, our taproom was a ghostly showroom of once modern kitchen designs, and our walls bore the marks of a hundred machine-shop rivet guns. But all in all, it was still a pretty beautiful sight.


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Traveling Barrel Program - An Introduction

It’s good to have friends. While we’re still a few weeks away from firing up our kettle and sending our first batch through the brewery, we’ve been lucky enough to get a head start on our barrel aging program thanks to some of our friends.

Our barrel program began back in October when our friends at Jamesport Vineyard on Long Island shipped us up some freshly dumped red wine barrels. They arrived smelling wonderful and after a quick fill with water to swell them up, we were ready to fill them.


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Letting in the Light

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The Discovery

For the past two decades, the graffiti'd, boarded-up brick building at 7 East Main Street in Beacon, NY has gone relatively unnoticed. Hiding in plain sight, covered in ivy and underneath large canopies of trees, it actually sits right off of Main Street, just down beyond the old train tracks in the town's popular East End. And it's been sitting there, witnessing all of the crazy changes in this town right alongside everyone else, patiently waiting to see if it might play a part.


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It's On.

Townes Van Zandt has a song I love called “Snowin' on Raton.” In this song, he talks about being stuck in the Raton Pass because of snow, but in the morning he will be through those hills and gone. Well, my morning has come, and I am through the hills and back on my journey.


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