Vendor form

This form must be completed and submitted prior to operating your business/food truck at Hudson Valley Brewery.

In addition to the form you are also required to submit via email a valid insurance certificate and have a catering permit for Dutchess County. See Vendor information below for more details.

Contact Name/Business Owner *
Contact Name/Business Owner
Business Address *
Business Address


Vendor Information


A valid certificate of insurance must be provided before your night of service. Please make sure you include the following

Entities as additionally insured:

Hudson Valley Brewery LLC
7 East Main Street
Beacon, NY, 12508

JaLor Properties LLC
26 Roxanne Blvd.
Highland, NY


All vendors must have a Dutchess County permit to operate. If you already possess a year-round permit from Dutchess County, then there are no additional steps to be taken. If you possess a permit from another county, you would still need to apply for a temporary permit from Dutchess County. If you plan to operate on site for more than 8 weekends, you may opt to obtain a year-round permit for $165 as opposed to multiple temporary permits at $30 each. Year-round permits require a single pre-operational inspection, and one annual routine inspection by this Department.


We do not allow our vendors to use a generator. It is too disruptive because of your proximity to the open garage doors

during service. We do have electricity available to you. The location of the outlets are indicated on the map.

You are entirely responsible for storing your own refrigerated food items.

We do not have a kitchen area or sinks available for limited use.

Please be sure to bring/have everything you need to flow thru your night of service and clean-up.


Our vendors operate with complete autonomy as far as money is concerned. We don't charge you to sell your products

here, or take any percentage of your sales; you keep 100% of your profit. So, come prepared to accept payments from your

customers directly- we can not make change or assist you in this realm.


Our public taproom hours are as follows:

Thursday 5-10 pm
Friday 5-10 pm
Saturday 12-10 pm
Sunday 12-8 pm

Please plan accordingly. All food vendors are required to be open and ready to serve at the time of opening and should remain for the duration of our service hours.