(5%) Brunch-Style Sour IPA with milk sugar, Mosaic & Citra hops and three new flavors

On Friday at 5pm, we will have six-packs of Peach, Pineapple & Tangerine Silhouette available for purchase to-go in our tasting room! We plan to do releases more frequently in 2018, and would like the ones on Friday to have a more relaxed vibe compared to the ones on Saturday. To that end, we will not be using the bracelet system, so please don’t show up too early! It’s also worth noting that this time around we won’t be releasing any additional limited merchandise — what you see here is what you get! There will however be another big Saturday style release toward the end of the month with a bunch of cool stuff, so stay tuned!









We will be limiting these cans to 3 x 6-packs of Tangerine and Peach and 2 x 6-packs of Pineapple. We may need to change these numbers depending on how many people show up to the brewery. As always, we try to make sure we can get our beer to as many of you as possible.


Hours & Availability

Cans will be available in our tasting room at 5pm on Friday, January 12 and we hope they will still be available when we open on Saturday at 2pm. You all continue to amaze us with your support, so it may well be the case that we have no cans left on Saturday. Either way, we’ll do our best to keep you updated via facebook and instagram.