Osmosis Mask | 6%

IPA w/ Citra, Simcoe, Segal Ranch High Oil Cascade. Double dry-hopped w/ Citra & Simcoe Powder.


Isosceles 6%

Sour Farmhouse conditioned in oak w/ pineapple, orange flowers & vanilla beans, dry hopped w/ Azacca.

Falsetto | 6% 

Oak aged sour farmhouse w/ strawberries.

Waveshaper | 5%

Berliner-style Weiss matured in oak w/ peaches, dry-hopped with Simcoe Lupulin Powder.

Pillow Hat | 4%

Little IPA w/ raw wheat, hopped w/ citra & motueka.

Adult World | 6%

Smoked Sour Farmhouse brewed with smoked malt and aged in oak puncheons for 6 months.


Re-up | 8%

Double IPA with barley, raw wheat & oat — hopped in the kettle w/ Azacca, Citra & El Dorado, dry hopped w/ same.

Infinity Pool | 7%

IPA hopped w/ Citra, Motueka & Hallertau Blanc.

Silhouette  | 5%

Brunch style sour ale dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc and conditioned on tangerines.

King Wavy | 8%

Double IPA brewed with oats and hopped with Citra and Simcoe.

Animal Balloon  | 6%

Sour Farmhouse w/ Simcoe hops, conditioned on passionfruit, vanilla & lemon balm.

Soleil | 6%

Sour Farmhouse Ale aged in oak wine barrels & conditioned on pineapple & marigold flowers.

Forever Overhead | 6%

Sour IPA brewed with wheat and hopped with Citra and Simcoe.



Incandenza | 6%

Brewed with two row barley and raw white wheat, hopped with citra and simcoe in the whirlpool, and fermented with mixed culture. 


Make Believe | 6% 

Sour farmhouse ale aged in oak wine barrels, hopped with Citra and Mosaic. Now available in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital Region.

Amulet | 5%

This sour farmhouse ale is aged in oak, brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops, and conditioned on blueberries and hibiscus flowers. Now available in New York City, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital Region.